Refugee crisis in Lesbos island (Greece, 2015)

21 images Created 26 Nov 2015

Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc…these people escaped war in their own country and are dreaming a new life in Europe. They pay $1,200~$2,000 to smugglers to risk their life to cross the ocean between Turkey and Greece. When they arrive at a shore of Lesbos island in Greece, some of them are filled with happiness. Some people pray for the God or cry for fear. This is just a begging of their long tough journey to their new life. They don’t know what is ahead yet. They don’t know how they will be treated yet. This is an one way ticket. Destination is unclear. But there is no choice to go back. Although they managed to escape the war, their journey will continue until they get to where they can feel at ease.
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